My Name is Yasser Bilal Kiyani, I am student of Mass Communication (BA), Along with studies I am also doing a Job. Living in Doha, Qatar, Belongs from Village Adrana, District Jhelum, Pakistan.

I got my first Personal PC in 2001, when I was about 11 Years old, my love for websites started when I tried to explore Microsoft FrontPage, in my free times I used to sit and use FrontPage, copying other sites as HTML in FrontPage and try to find the codes and flash oriented files from these sites for learning purposes, at that time I was not aware of Blogger. In 2008 I did a Web Designing Course from Family Computers (Doha, Qatar) which is very valuable for me, as they teach me some features of Adobe Photoshop; now knowledge of FrontPage and Photoshop helps me to build a site which I was dreaming from years (www.jhelumonline.webs.com) a website about my City Jhelum.

It was the beginning, than after that by visiting Mazhar Iqbal Bhai’s Site I got idea to make a site related to Pakistan Film Industry, at that time I usually saw lot of site for Indian Cinema but a very few for Pakistan Cinema, at that time when i Google word Pakistani Cinema the search shows me headings like “The Last Days of Pakistani Cinema - Photo Essays - TIME” and “Downfall of Pakistan Film Industry” . So I started one Project with the Name “Pakistani Cinema” on Ning Network in 2009, but due to change of policies of Ning Network they closed my account so I joined Blogger in 2010 and started a Blog http://pakistanicinema.blogspot.com/ on  1 August 2010, which is still running and near to reach 1000 posts, more than 728,922 Page views and Pakistanis from around the globe are visiting the blog to know the latest happenings in Pakistani Film Industry. My Special Thanks is for all the Fans and Visitors of my Blog who made it possible for me to Start and keep updating my blog. And I am really happy to see others also started to promote Pakistan Film Industry, now like Indian Cinema sites we also have lot of site which are keeping Pakistani Moviegoers updated from latest happenings.

After making Pakistani Cinema Blog , I was motivated by my friends specially Muhammad Jamil to start a Blog related to Pakistani Mobile Movies, so on 06 November 2011 I started the Blog along with my brothers help. People like this new concept as there are lot of Mobile Movie sites related to Indian Movies but Pakistani Mobile Movies is ONE & ONLY site from Pakistan for Mobile Movie Content. PMM (Pakistani Mobile Movies) is Currently OFFLINE due to deletion of our Movies storage account, so I am still working on it to got good servers.

In this T20 World Cup 2012, i started a Blog related to Pakistan Women Cricket Team (http://pakwomenteamblog.blogspot.com) , as I was unable to find any site anywhere on the internet related to our Women Cricket Team which really shocked me, Even PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) have not made any site for our Women Cricket Team, So I made it and mentioned in the banner as “Unofficial Blog” , Blog Started on 27 – September -2012 , now have Profiles of the Women Players , Fixtures of Upcoming matches , News Related to our Women Team plus much more coming in future.

Adrana Online, is one of my Dream Project, as I belong to Village Adrana, I want to made my Village Portal to show the World about my village, people living there and daily happenings, and hopefully I am near my success. This Blog is ONLINE but under construction as I am collecting the content to put on the Blog, INSHALLAH soon blog will be start updating on daily basis, with Village News & Images.

This is not the END sure, it’s a Beginning as there are few more Future Projects in my DREAM LIST and I hope with the prayers of my Family and people who supported me throughout these days I will INSHALLAH achieve all my goals.

SPECIAL thanks to the Visitors of my all sites/blogs who loved my work and gave me suggestions from the years when I started these blog, it really helped me and my Journey from Good to Best is still on.

Yasser Bilal Kiyani

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